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If you are a patient or physician in need of information about Kids' Docs or our subspecialists, please contact us at 877-999-KIDS (5437) or by email at

Please note that we cannot answer e-mails asking for specific medical advice, diagnoses, treatment, or otherwise. Please do not attempt to set up an appointment by e-mail--contact your physician's office by phone or in person in order to schedule appointments. If you need medical advice, consult your physician. If you need assistance finding the physician best suited to meet your needs, feel free to call us and we will assist you.

Please call us with any questions at 877-999-Kids (5437).

Chairman and CEO:  Mark S. Chaet, MD
Vice Chairman:  Vivek Desai, MD
Secretary:  Gregory Logsdon, MD
Treasurer:  Frank Stieg, MD
Member at Large:  Carl Barr, DO